Watch this space for an ever changing list of my ethically (or at least MORE ethically) sourced fabrics.

What does ethically sourced mean?

Well, in a perfect world, it means that the fabric was made in a solar powered, eco friendly, well ventilated family home on the banks of the Mississippi out of cotton, flax, or wool that the family farmed themselves using sustainable farming methods, and the family only has to work 3 hours a day to make ends meet. And they all have healthcare. But barring that, MORE ethically sourced fabric means any fabric that cuts away at some- if not all- of the unethical practices of the fashion industry.  

This means that all of the clothing that you buy from me is already more ethical than the clothing that you would by off the rack, because it is made in my studio in Iowa, and not in a far away sweatshop by a laborer making a dollar per day. By choosing a fabric from the ethically sourced fabric section, you can further reduce your contribution to the fast fashion industry.  These fabrics were purchased second hand, meaning their use does not financially contribute to the sweatshop industry in which they were made. I cannot guarantee what I will have on hand at any given time, but it is always worth it to have a look! 

The fabrics below could be appropriate for the Pleased Overalls, the Stomach Safe Circle Skirt, the Gatherer Skirt, The Pinafore Me Dress, and Apron, and the Janet Dress. Prices vary.

Brilliant blue linen poly blend

Cream flowered linen

Tan flowered quilters cotton- Limited quantities!

Cream heavy weight cotton

Cream heavy weight linen

Slightly heavier cream linen

Tan wool

Coffee wool

Purplish brownish wool

Very pink wool

Slightly less pink wool

Heavy weight charcoal wool

Tan plaid blend

Royal blue polyester 

Baby blue gingham seersucker

Light weight cream synthetic wool