The Full Sail Waistcoat

Need an outfit for frolicking in the frost? Waistcoat. Want a cute kit for curling up with a book by a crackling fire? Waistcoat. Perhaps you just like to look epic while you are walking the dog. Waistcoat. Look no further than the Full Sail Waistcoat. This snuggly fitted but flexible garment comes with vibes so massive you will need extra pockets to carry them! 

The front of the waistcoat is made of woven, nonstretchy fabric and features functional buttons down the front. The back of the waistcoat is made of stretchy knit fabric (in a single hemmed layer for cool weather waistcoats and double layer for warm weather), allowing the garment to stretch and flex with a changing waistline. This is ideal for people with IBS, Crohn's, UC, and other digestive disabilities. The stretchy back also allows the garment to be donned and doffed over the head, so that people with fine motor impairments can avoid working the buttons. 

 Available in wool, flannel, and twill for the winter, as well as linen and cotton for the summer. Ideal for any woven fabric from the ethical fabrics section.

Starting at $75 Plus shipping