The Pinafore me Dress

What's that? Is it the sound of little field mice setting out a picnic for you, as the song birds comb your hair? Probably not, but in this sweet pinafore dress, you will certainly look the part! This dress features a gathered skirt which ties in the back. The apron front is affixed to the front of the waistband and to shoulder straps which cross in the back and are sewn into the rear of the waistband. The waistband is fixed in the front but has a drawstring closure in the back, allowing for adjustability of up to ten inches! Shown here with side pockets, it is also available with patch pockets on the front. Pick a pattern from the Flannels, or the ethical fabrics section, or reach out about a custom fabric. Soon to be available in cooler cottons and linens for spring!

Starting at $60.00 plus shipping for flannel and cotton.