The Dare to Drama Dress

You're so gorgeous. You're so dramatic. Shouldn't everyone know that as soon as you walk in the room?

This dress has drama for days. Enjoy turning heads in the lovely mushroom pattern or in an understated solid. Just kidding. This dress doesn't do understated. Live the cottage core life of your dreams in a flowered version, or release your inner royal in a lovely pastel.

It features puffed sleeves with a fitted fore sleeve for maximum statement, as well as pockets for maximum function. The skirt has just the right amount of swish for dramatically sweeping into a room and is cut to your length. The perfect dress for summoning the fairies, dramatically posing in a misty garden, or shopping an antique book store. Or really just being your perfect, dramatic self.

Made of a soft, double brushed cotton jersey, it is gentle on the skin, as well as easy to wear. This fall it is available in a wide variety of beautiful Jerseys!

Starting at $75 plus shipping

Take your look to the next level and add a matching outfit for your pet! Greta is sporting the custom matching coat, and Jazzy is sporting the bandanna. For an additional $5-50 dollars (depending on fabric costs, size of pet, and size of pet outfit) the remnants from your garment can be made into a matching accessory for your pet so that you can be *that person*. From a full coat to a bolero jacket to a cute bandanna, let the extra flow through you as you and your pet take to the streets in your jaunty matching looks. Send a private message to ask about this option after you check out.

*This option is primarily designed for dogs, although if you give me your measurements for your other pets, I can do my best. EightfoldFox is not responsible for any maulings sustained as you attempt to put clothing onto a cat.