The Eliza Gown

Introducing the Eliza gown, a beautiful dress named after the beautiful woman for whose wedding it was designed. When my friend Eliza announced that she was marrying into a beautiful Italian family, I knew I was going to need a dress that could accommodate the sheer volume of food that is consumed at an Italian wedding. So I sat down at my drafting table, and a thing of beauty was born.

When was the last time you looked this elegant while also being comfortable enough to take a nap? This beautiful gown is so easy to wear, you could sleep in it. Available in a wide variety of special occasion fabrics, this beautiful gown features an incredibly flattering princess seamed bodice with lacing in the back to allow for complete adjustability over the course of your day. The full circle skirt is perfect for twirling around the dance floor or waltzing with the wood sprites in the forest. It is available in long sleeved and sleeveless, and the pockets come standard. And yes, it's those gigantic pockets where you could fit a pint can in each pocket. Not that you need to do that at an Italian wedding.

This dress starts at $175 for long sleeved, $150 for sleeveless. This price is for stock and mid-range fabrics. High end fabrics, bridal fabrics, velvets and natural fibers increase the price of the dress significantly.

The lace in the back of this dress is white to allow you to see it clearly. It is available in color matched cord when purchased.