The Half Sail Waistcoat

At half sail you are well on your way to adventure. This cropped waist coat is designed to be worn with high waisted garments such a the Oxford Trousers and any high cut skirt you fancy. Or pair with jeans if you like, I'm not the police.

The waistcoat features a woven fabric front in your choice of wool, quilters cotton, flannel, or any non-stretchy fabric. The back of the waistcoat is made out of soft jersey, allowing for stretch as needed. This means that a sudden GI upset, bloat, or pain will not spoil your adventure!

Because of the stretch, the waistcoat can be taken off over the head if buttons are difficult to mange, or unbuttoned and taken off traditionally.

Available in linen/linen look fabrics, flannels, and many of the wool ethical options.

$75 plus shipping