THe Always Maxi Dress

It's called the Always Maxi Dress because it always fits the occasion, and it always fits your body. Have you ever woken up to find that nothing fits? With my IBS, that was a reality I dealt with on a daily basis. Until I made this dress. I wanted something that I could wear anywhere, no matter what my body was doing, and thus the Always Maxi Dress was born.

This dress is made from soft, drapey Jersey which flatters any figure. In addition to massive pockets, it features a folded over top meaning there are no seams at the shoulder. This is an added benefit for people with sensory difficulties. It is cut to be wide and flowing and can be worn that way for a relaxing cup of tea around the house, or cinched with a wide belt for a Chic boho look. Gather the fluttery cap sleeves at the top of the shoulder using decorative pins or ribbon (I used hair clips), and cinch the waist with a rhinestone band or some trendy pearls for a fancy night out.

This dress comes in a variety of finish options, which impact the price. The cheapest option, which you see in these photos, features raw edges at the neck, sleeves, and hem. Since Jersey is a non fraying fabric, the edges will roll under naturally and do not need to be hemmed or finished with bias tape/trim. For a fancier finish, the edges can be trimmed, hemmed, or bias taped. All dresses are custom made to your specifications, including length and depth of v-neck.

Starting at $40.00 plus shipping for basic non-customized dress in wine, amethyst, or olive (see below).

Starting at $60.00 plus shipping for custom fabrics or fabrics selected from the Jerseys section.

Add $10 for pockets

Add $10 for bias binding/hemming

Easy Breezy

Wear it loose for maximum comfort.

Funky and Fab

Add a belt and a sweater for a cute but casual boho look.

Gloriously Glam

A little gold ribbon at the shoulders, a metallic belt, and you are ready to hit the town.

The olive has a lovely, silky drape and is lightweight but still strong enough to hold up to pockets.

The wine also has a lovely drape, is lightweight, and has a slight sheen.

The amethyst is a thicker fabric with a sheen on one side and a luxuriously soft opposite.

Greta is sporting the custom pet* option. For an additional $5-50 dollars (depending on fabric costs, size of pet, and size of pet outfit) the remnants from your garment can be made into a matching accessory for your pet so that you can be *that person*. This can be as simple as the $5, raw edged bandanna seen in this photo shoot, or as complicated as a full matching sweater. Let the extra flow through you as you and your pet take to the streets in your jaunty matching looks. Send a private message to ask about this option after you check out.

*This option is primarily designed for dogs, although if you give me measurements for your other pets, I can do my best. Eightfold Fox is not responsible for any maulings sustained as you attempt to put clothing onto a cat.