The Janet Dress

Get ready to get snuggle in this lovely, soft flannel dress for fall and winter. This cozy little pullover looks fantastic loose, belted, or paired with The Pinafore Me Apron. It can be made in understated fabrics like the rose-on-coral shown below, or in delightfully expressive looks like the forest friends shown above. Look at the Flannels page for your options, including two glow in the dark choices! It also features deep patch pockets and is a great option for those with fine motor difficulties, or people who need adjustability of their clothes throughout the day. It is also a great option for anyone who wants to dress expressively without freezing to death. The hemline can be customized to above, below, or at the knee.

Starting at $60 plus shipping

It was 90 degrees when we took these photos. Bring on the snow.