The No Time to waistcoat

Fun fact: you absolutely need a waistcoat that will stretch with you as you eat breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper! Especially if you are a hobbit with IBS.

And if you are a hobbit with a fine motor impairment, this is the vest for you. The buttons, complete with button holes, do hold the vest shut, but they don't unbutton. You actually doff and don this vest over your head, just like a tee shirt! That's right, it is an ultra disability friendly waistcoat!

Made of fleece, it is the perfect to get cozy with as you put your hairy feet up by your roaring fire with a mug of the Gaffers home brew!

Currently available in all solid colors in fleece. Soon to be available in other fabrics.

Starting at $60 plus shipping