The picnic perfect dress

Do you want to look charming and stylish at the picnic, while still having the flexibility to eat a whole pie? Then The Picnic Perfect Dress is for you! This dress comes in stretchy and flexible jersey, or in soft and floaty cotton and will make you the star of any outing. It is sew with a wide, trapeze cut skirt that can be worn belted comfortably to highlight the twirly skirt, or loose for ultimate comfort.

This dress is a pull over the head garment, making it ideal for people with fine motor difficulties when worn unbelted. People who struggle with abdominal discomfort or whose stomach size may change over the course of the day will enjoy the ability use a belt or sash to adjust the waistline as needed. Those who are impacted by body dysmorphia will enjoy not having any fixed fasteners which tell them if they have gained or lost weight. Simply throw on the dress, belt or don't, and go picnic!

Pockets come standard in this lovely dress, and they are large enough for you to squirrel away several cupcakes. And it is machine washable, just in case your are wild enough to try to put cupcakes in your pockets! Go nuts, live your best life, and picnic like it's your last meal, in this Picnic Perfect dress.

This dress is $75 in both jersey and cotton woven options. Email me to discuss your perfect look!