The quartermaster skirt

Steer North by Northwest! Hard to Starboard! Other nautical nonsense! This skirt is just the right skirt for walking briskly up the gangplank and giving orders to set sail for adventure. It is a quarter circle skirt, which allows for elegant swish and volume without the weight and bustle of a full circle. This is the most stylish way to sweep down the path with a treasure map under your arm.

The back of the skirt features a placket closure which allows for adjustability without adding any extra weight or bulk (or cost). The back has an opening which laces closed over a modesty panel, allowing for adjustablility with a beautiful aesthetic.

Available in wool, linen/linen look fabrics, flannels, and many of the ethical options.

$100 for wool plus shipping

$75 for linen/blends/non-wool ethical fabrics plus shipping

$50 for flannel plus shipping