The Stomach Safe CIrcle Skirt

With my severe IBS, my waist diameter can change by several inches in the course of a day, sometimes in as little as an hour. It can be caused by a food that was safe yesterday and isn't safe today, stress, or even a bad smell. This makes it extremely difficult for me to wear pants or skirts with a fixed waistband. What fits me in the morning could be excruciating in the afternoon, or falling off me by the end of the day. Stretchy is fine, but anything in a nicer woven fabric was a No-No, until now.

I tried wrap skirts and I find that they tend to slip about too much for my taste, and don't twirl the way I like. Drawstring skirts I found to be bunchy and ugly. So I came up with two different closure options!

The pleat back closure has a fixed waistband that is several inches larger than the waist at its smallest size. The front of the waistband is interfaced to give it a nice structure, and the back of the waistband has a tie that allows you to take the skirt in or let it out as needed over the course of the day. Depending on the size of your waist that day, you can gather the fabric under the tie, or use your fingers to make two little pleats before you tie it down. It allows you to swirl and swish to you heart's delight, without feeling like you are being cut in half!

For heavier fabrics, I recommend the placket closure. This features a small slit at the back which hooks or laces closed with an adjustable placket over the opening. This allows for 1-2 inches of adjustability without adding bulk. Perfect for heavier and more costly fabrics such as wool and damask.

Available in a wide variety of fabrics (wool, flannel, gauze, silk, ect).

Starting at $100* for floor length, $60 for knee length, plus shipping

*Price is highly dependent on fabric choice. One floor length skirt requires 5 yards of fabric.

Step 1

Holding the ties, pull the front of the skirt against your stomach.

Step 2

Cinch the skirt down to a comfortable snugness.

Step 3

Tie in a bow and go live your best, twirly life.