The Pinafore me Apron

Do you need an apron large enough to hold a whole loaf of bread plus all your hopes and dreams? Look no further than this lovely pinafore apron. This apron features a gathered skirt which ties in the back over a back panel. The apron front is affixed to the front of the waistband and to shoulder straps which cross in the back and are sewn into the rear of the waistband. It also features massive front patch pockets. To better understand how large these pockets are, click here.

Pick a pattern from the Flannels section, or reach out about a custom fabric.

Starting at $55.00 plus shipping for flannel and cotton.

Special note! This apron is occasionally available in my rotating stock of ethical fabrics. These fabrics may be recycled bed sheets, vintage table cloths or bolts purchased from second hand fabric stores, meaning they do not contribute financially to the fast fashion industry. This means that the companies that take advantage of cheap sweatshop labor do not benefit when you purchase from this stock.

The apron shown in this picture is made from old bed sheets which were dyed from white to tan using tea. Talk to me about eco friendly dyes for your apron!