THe Maxi-mum impact Dress

This floor length maxi dress is here to make a statement. Whether walking through the prairie on a misty morning, or shopping at Trader Joes, this dress is sure to make you unforgettable. Long sleeved with a soft cuff, a floor length A-line skirt, and swish to spare, this dress is don't miss. It features a fitted waistline but can be made in a looser fit to your specifications. With no fasteners and soft jersey fabric, it is a great choice for those with motor difficulties and sensory needs. The neckline is bound with bias tape.

It is available in light solid colors, perfect for such activities as flower picking, day dreaming, and wistful gazing. Available in dark solid colors for wandering the sea shore looking for your lost love, mysteriously appearing out of the mist, or becoming the source of a local legend. Pair with a black veil for the perfect sitting-mysteriously-in-the-back-of-a-funeral-weeping-loudly look!

Pick a solid color or peruse the list of Jerseys.

Starting at $75 plus shipping