The Jazzy Joggers

Stand out from the crowd while staying comfy and cozy in the Jazzy Joggers. The metallic prints overlay an incredibly soft, plush jersey which not only keeps you nice and warm, but is a delight for the senses. The wide waistband top can be customized with a snug band or can be left loose and comfortable. The side patch pocket is roomy and deep enough to hold a full size cell phone, a decent sandwich, or a whole bag of dog treats! The bottom of the soft, wide cuff sits right at the top of the ankle. These pants are an excellent option for those with sensory or dexterity difficulties.

$60 plus shipping

Greta is sporting the custom pet* option. For an additional $5-50 dollars (depending on fabric costs, size of pet, and size of pet outfit) the remnants from your garment can be made into a matching accessory for your pet so that you can be *that person*. This can be as simple as the $5, raw edged bandanna seen in this photo shoot, or as complicated as a full matching sweater. Let the extra flow through you as you and your pet take to the streets in your jaunty matching looks. Send a private message to ask about this option after you check out.

*This option is primarily designed for dogs, although if you give me your measurements for your other pets, I can do my best. EightfoldFox is not responsible for any maulings sustained as you attempt to put clothing onto a cat.

Availble in grey and rose gold floral, grey and gold geo, and navy and gold