THE Adventure Skirt

You were walking in the woods when you discovered a mysterious ring of mushrooms with a pulsing glow in the center. A relative you have never heard of has left you a large and creepy mansion at the edge of a dark lake. Late at night you hear the wooshing of a blue police box outside your window. You had a burrito for lunch and are filled with regret. The Adventure Skirt has you covered.

The soft, wide elastic waist band is designed to comfortably accommodate daily changes in waist size for the GI sensitive adventurer and can be covered by a belt for a polished, archeologist-who-doesn't-steal-from-indigenous-peoples look. Whip not included. Of course, it features pockets large enough to hold a large cellphone, loaf of bread, and several magical amulets.

The false button placket down the front adds extra flair while the gathered skirt allows for ease of movement. Whether you are running from orcs, or racing against time to the Porto-potty, this won't slow you down.

This skirt will have you covered, even when the $h!t hits the fan. And don't worry, it's machine washable.

Available in medium to heavy linen and cotton twills, starting at 75$ plus shipping.